5 Black Girls Beat Asian Girl for Wearing Box Braids

February 20, 2023

PUYALLUP, WA—A female Asian teenager considered suicide after she was beaten by classmates at Glacier View Junior High School in Puyallup last Friday.

The school is currently investigating the situation and the victim’s father—who is Caucasian—believes the attack was racially motivated.

In the video, the five African-American girls trap the 14-year-old victim in a bathroom stall and continuously taunt her before beating her.

“I just feel someone pull me up from my hair,” explained Kailinh Wiley, “and start swinging for my face.”

“According to these girls, Asian girls should not, could not or shan’t wear box braids and corn rows,” Wiley said, “or whatever they feel is inappropriate.”

Unfortunately, incidents like these are not uncommon. African-American teens in the area often attack non-Black teens for “stealing Black culture.” However, African-American teens are not attacked for stealing Asian or Caucasian culture, i.e. using Samsung or iPhone smartphones or using TikTok or Instagram.

When the teens can’t find anything wrong with their victims, they’ll often times make up an offense and attack the teens anyways.

“Yeah, this is not an uncommon thing,” said Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy Carly Cappetto.

Kailinh told KIRO7 News when she was attacked by the other girls, at least four other girls, including her best friend, looked on in fear.

“I just felt so alone and like I genuinely wanted to end my life,” she said, dissolving into tears. “Because it just hurt really bad, the fact that my friend, my so-called best friend, was there and watching it happen.”

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Steven Wiley, Kailinh’s father, explained his daughter faced similar threats last year. He complained to the school and prevented physical violence from happening. However, this year, he advised Kailinh to defend herself.

School resource officers try their best to prevent this type of violence by obtaining a no-contact order and putting students in separate classrooms and moving other students to online learning.

Feature Screenshots via KIRO7 & TikTok

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