Black Man Sentenced to 22 Years in Prison for Beating Asian Man to Death

January 13, 2023

MANHATTAN, NY—An African-American man pleaded guilty to stomping and kicking a 61-year-old Asian man to death in an anti-Asian hate crime, officials stated Thursday.

Jarrod Powell, 51, was sentenced to 22 years in prison under the terms of his plea deal in the 2021 death of Yao Pan Ma. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the first degree as a hate crime, reports PIX11.

Ma was a former restaurant worker who lost his job because of the pandemic and resorted to collecting cans when he was attacked back in April 2021.

Powell rushed Ma from behind, pushed him to the ground, and repeatedly ghetto-stomped the 61-year-old Asian man on the head, face, and neck.

Ma suffered facial fractures, bleeding to the brain, and other “traumatic brain injuries.” He never woke up after the attack and was placed on life support. He was moved around multiple care centers and eventually died in a long-term care center.

Powell fled the scene after attacking Ma and was arrested on April 27, 2021. He told authorities he was allegedly attacked by two Korean or Japanese men the day before he attacked Ma. However, prosecutors emphasized Powell later admitted he specifically targeted Ma because he was Asian, according to PIX11.

“This unprovoked attack took the life of Yao Pan Ma and took away a sense of security for so many in the AAPI community in New York,” District Attorney Alvin Bragg said. “Jarrod Powell attacked Mr. Ma because of his race and is now being held accountable. My thoughts are with Mr. Ma’s family and friends as they continue to mourn this loss.”

Supporters of Powell emphasized when African-Americans attack Asian-Americans, the real culprit is “white supremacy” because “white society” created the situation where African-Americans are forced to attack and kill Asian-Americans to survive. Blaming the African-American community is exactly what “white supremacy” wants because it pits minorities against each other.

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