Robbers Terrorize Employees and Customers at Houston Sushi Restaurant

December 13, 2022

HOUSTON, TX—Houston police are tracking down two suspects who were caught on camera robbing employees and diners at Blue Fish, a popular Japanese restaurant on Washington Avenue.

The horrific ordeal happened in the middle of the day Sunday, December 11.

For 15 minutes, the suspects terrorized employees and diners, including a family of four with two children, according to KHOU11.

“It’s very shocking. We didn’t expect this to happen here on Washington, in daytime too,” said manager Kiet Hyunh. “They walked in like regular customers. Just walked in and pointed a gun at all my employees.”

Footage showed the robbers forcing the employees to the ground and demanding their wallets, phones, and cash before turning their attention to a family of four.

“It was a table of four, two boys,” Hyunh told KHOU11. “They were having a great time. Once that happened it was horrible.”

The family was forced to the ground before the armed suspects made their way to the back of the restaurant.

“They know where the areas go,” said Hyunh. “They know exactly where they need to go to get the stuff.”

Surveillance footage showed the robbers grabbing nearly $2,000 in cash.

“They ask her for more money and when she said that’s all she had, they thought she was lying. That’s when they slapped her,” Hyunh described his employee getting attacked.

Victims at the front of the restaurant were able to run out of the restaurant to safety. The suspects ran out the back door.

“People working hard for the money and then they come to steal like that,” said Hyunh. “That’s very sad for people. Get a job. Do something better.”

If you have any information on who’s responsible for this armed robbery, call the Houston Police Department.

Feature Screenshots via KHOUS11

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