70-Year-Old Asian Woman Choked and Robbed of Her Life Savings

October 1, 2022

DALY CITY, CA—A 70-year-old grandmother was choked, beaten, and her entire life savings stolen in a home invasion robbery in Daly City. Asian Crime Report reported all three suspects were African-American once again. One suspect was captured on surveillance video disguised as a utility worker.

Footage shows the elderly Asian woman watering plants on the front steps of her home. When she goes inside, a man suddenly approaches her.

“A man dressed in a construction vest and a hard hat and a laptop,” says Skylar, “He walked from the car to the front door and rang the doorbell and he was wearing a ski mask and had gloves on with skeletons printed on them. He was also carrying a computer.”

Skylar, the victim’s granddaughter, requested that ABC7 use only her first name for privacy.

“My grandma is a very smart lady, she did not let him in.”

At the same time, two more individuals entered the backyard, causing the grandmother to run to the front of the home. The suspect dressed in a utility worker’s uniform then broke in.

Surveillance video records the grandmother’s screams as the suspects dragged her chihuahua and then proceeded to choke and beat her and her dog.

To access the victim’s GoFundMe page, please click HERE

Skylar told ABC7 the event was traumatic for her entire family and wanted to speak out and raise awareness about the crime, especially because elderly Asian-Americans are often targeted.

“I really just want the violence toward our community to stop.”

The three African-American suspects drove off in a white Kia. Daly City stated the investigation is ongoing and there have been multiple cases where suspects dressed up like utility workers during a home invasion.

Feature Screenshots via Asian Crime Report

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