Murder Suspect of 76-Year-Old Asian Man Out for a Walk Arrested in Mass.

July 17, 2022

BOSTON, MA—The manhunt for a man wanted for allegedly shooting and killing a 76-year-old Asian man out for a morning walk at random in Philadelphia last month and in two stabbings in Boston has ended, Boston police announced.

Wagner Tejada-Pena, 24, was arrested late Thursday night in Lawrence, Massachusetts, near the New Hampshire border, according to NBC10 Philadelphia.

Tejada-Pena shot and killed Loi Nguyen on L Street in Philadelphia on June 21, shortly after he tried to shoot at two other people, only for his pistol to misfire.

“Loi was walking down the back driveway, seemingly minding his business with his hands in his pocket,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Frank Venore stated after the shooting. “An individual wearing a red hooded sweatshirt runs directly by him.”

Tejada-Pena was actually wanted in Boston in two stabbings and recently threatened to kill members of his own family, reports NBC10.

Feature Screenshots via NBC10

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