Asian-American Doctor Harassed for Calling Out CA Slavery Reparations Report

June 14, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—The Slavery Report released Wednesday, June 1, detailed California’s role in perpetuating discrimination against African-Americans, which will set the stage for an official government apology and a future case for financial restitution.

Some African-American politicians demand the United States fork over $14 trillion.

The 500-page document lays out the hardships suffered by the descendants of enslaved people and the ongoing ramifications African-Americans face. However, the report conveniently does not make the distinction between actual descendants of African slaves and black Americans.

The report also uses Caucasians as the “baseline” for comparisons in various forms of systemic racism from education to homeownership.

In higher education, the Reparations Task Force—a nine-member team of Democratic politicians, activists, and scholars—pointed out the limitations of affirmative action, systemic disparities in standardized testing, and California’s ban on racial preferences, according to Minding the Campus.

Dr. Wenyuan Wu wrote a piece titled: “Reparations or Ransom?” for Minding the Campus, which systematically picked apart the California Reparations Task Force’s report and in doing so, Dr. Wu has received a troubling amount of verbal abuse on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The Task Force argues even after the Civil War, “white supremacy” created insurmountable obstacles for black children to obtain a quality education. These phantom laws fail to explain how Asian-Americans as a whole seem to be dominating education.

According to Minding the Campus, in 2021, UC Berkeley admitted 10,147 Asian Californians, 5,488 white Californians, and 1,080 black Californians. And California is not unique: researchers have documented a national trend of Asian American students performing better academically and attending colleges at higher rates than any other racial group, regardless of socioeconomic status. At the end of the 2020-2021 school year, four-year high school graduation rates were 94.1% for Asians, 88.2% for whites, and 72.5% for black students.

California’s Proposition 209, which banned racial preferences back in 1996, was used by African-Americans who argued the proposition would favor Caucasian students. However, year after year, Asian-American students—a minority—have proven that theory to be incorrect.

If white supremacy was behind Proposition 209, it’s doing a bad job because Asian-Americans outperform their Caucasian counterparts.

New York Politicians going after Asian-American students who dominate elite high schools tacked the problem by labeling Asian-Americans as “white adjacent.” Basically, when it serves the African-American community, they will label Asians as “fellow minorities,” however, when they can’t explain their flawed logic about academic achievement, Asians are labeled “white adjacent.”

Feature Screenshots via NBC7 & Twitter

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