Alleged Pedophile Subdued and Beaten in NYC Subway Station

May 30, 2022

NEW YORK—A video circulating social media over the weekend showed a group of people brutally attacking an Asian man inside Fulton Street subway station.

The witness to the incident remained at the scene and told ABC7’s CeFaan Kim that the incident happened Friday around 3:30 p.m. The witness stated the group of African-American men said the Asian man attempted to sexually assault a woman on the train, so they intervened.

The African-American men further stated the Asian man was initially belligerent before being repeatedly punched in the face while being held from behind. The NYPD arrived on the scene and took the Asian man into custody and a police report was filed.

According to CeFaan Kim’s sources, the Asian man was also exposing himself on the train and was inebriated.

In that video, someone can be heard shouting at the man: “You touching girls, you touching girls — little sisters and all that, moms and everything. You filthy, son.”

Feature Screenshots via Twitter

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