Asian Hate Jumps 361% in NYC

December 10, 2021

NEW YORK CITY—In one of the most diverse and progressive cities in the world, New York City, is once again proving the most “progressive” cities are the most racist.

As of December 5, the NYPD reports overall hate crimes jumped by nearly 100% this year compared to last year. In 2021, there were 503 hate crimes compared to 252 in 2020.

Anti-Asian attacks drove the increase. There were 28 attacks against Asians last year, however, there are 129 attacks this year, so far. That’s a 361% jump, reports FOX5.

Anti-Semitic attacks rose 51% this year as well. Continous tension between the African-American and the Jewish community gentrification led to the increase. Asian-Americans are also grappling with violence coming from the African-American community.

Attacks based on a victim’s sexual orientation were up 193% as well, reports the NYPD.

“I don’t get it. This state is run by Democrats, the governor was a sex offender but a Democrat, the mayor is a Democrat, everyone in the city council and DA’s office are Democrats, but why are we experiencing so much hate crimes?” one commentator wrote.

Feature Image via Unsplash

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