Red Table Talk Tackles Tensions Between the Asian and Black Communities

May 19, 2021

Red Table Talk recently posted an episode in which they discussed the ongoing tension between the Asian and black communities with journalist Lisa Ling and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.

Lisa Ling and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson concluded when Asians and black communities fight, “white supremacy” wins. “White supremacy” created the poverty responsible for white people attacking Asians. Basically, nothing is black people’s fault and Asians are racist. Yes, you read that right, Caucasians are attacking Asians, not black people.

Right off the bat, the table put Lisa Ling on the spot when they showed her a clip of an RTT viewer named Leslie who stated, “I’m supposed to care about what’s happening to Asian people? They’re rude, they’re disrespectful, and they’re racist if you ask me.”

Leslie continued to state, “Rushing us out their stores, following us around, watching our every move—like we’re gonna rob the whole store, but they don’t mind taking our black dollars….They have never helped me and mine do anything.”

Mind you, Leslie is saying this through a Sony camera, viewed by people who are using Samsung OLED, NEC, Mitsubishi, and Sony high-def technology. Asians are helping her live in the 21st century because those companies are most certainly not African.

Leslie is probably leasing a BMW, Mercedes, or Cadillac, all of which are Caucasians “taking her money” through a vehicle lease agreement.

RTT’s Jada Pinkett Smith’s husband, Will Smith, benefited from an Asian-owned company. Sony Pictures greenlighted movies that made him a superstar, i.e., Bad Boys, Men in Black, Bad Boys II, Hitch, Hancock, After Earth, Concussion, Ali, and much more.

Journalist Lisa Ling didn’t make things better when she stated, “Often when immigrants from Asia come to this country with nothing, they have this aspiration of being able to achieve some semblance of the American Dream. And what does that look like? It looks white.”

Meaning, being successful is a “white attribute.” So Asian wealth and Asian success are all part of “white supremacy.” Dyson also stated Asians benefit from being “honorary white.”

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, who is a professor at Vanderbilt University’s Divinity School, explained that the reason why minorities and different ethnicities are competing and fighting each other is because of “white supremacy.”

“Some” black people attacking Asians is because of President Trump’s “China virus” speeches. Meaning, black people are so weak-minded, even though over 85% of them are Democratic, they’re still susceptible to Trump’s mind control.

“For Black people to be demonizing Asian brothers and sisters with the Wuhan flu, the Chinese flu, who wins? White supremacists,” Dyson said.

The Red Talk Table continued to put Lisa Ling on the spot and explained to her Asians should “educate themselves” about black history, asked her why Asians are so racist, and so forth. Dyson also stated the majority of people attacking Asians are not black, they’re white and Asians are showing “black only” attacks to criminalize black people.

Lisa Ling being Lisa Ling seemed to agree most of the attacks on Asians are not coming from the black community…..Meaning, all the proof we’re seeing is a figment of our imagination.

Mind you, Dyson is the same person who resorted to petty insults when he was losing a debate against Jordan Peterson a few years ago.

Feature Screenshot via Red Table Talk

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