UC System Drops SAT, ACT Scores From Admission Requirements

May 16, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO, California—The University of California has agreed to drop SAT and ACT scores from its admissions and scholarship requirements under a settlement of a student lawsuit that was announced on Friday, according to KPIX5.

The 10-campus system has more than 280,000 students statewide and decided not to continue fighting a judge’s injunction issued last autumn that barred it from considering the scores for admission, reports KPIX5.

The UC Board of Regents actually considered dropping the exams early last year. UC Berkeley’s chancellor even spoke out in November 2019 against the requirements, saying the tests “really contribute to the inequities of our system.”

Many activists have long argued standardized tests often put minorities and lower-income students at a disadvantage against their Caucasian counterparts. However, Asian students outscore all other racial groups, not Caucasian students.

When confronted with that uncomfortable truth, the same activists often call Asian students “white adjacent” because they are able to afford expensive test-prep classes and are able to “answer test questions that are inherently biased to less privileged children.

The UC Board of Regents voted to eliminate the SAT and ACT requirements back in May 2020 for incoming freshman students. Citing not enough African-American students are able to compete against Asian-American students. No word yet if California will force the NBA or NFL to eliminate its tryout programs.

FairTest, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit group that vehemently opposes standardized testing announced last month that more than 1,400 accredited colleges and universities that grant bachelor’s degrees won’t require students applying for fall 2020 admission to submit test scores, according to ABC7. That is more than 60% of the undergraduate institutions in the United States.

“SAT and ACT tests are a form of white supremacy created to uphold the white and Asian supremacy agenda. Eliminating these tests will allow other children of color to eventually replace the white and Asian monopolies in STEM by reducing the amount of their children entering elite universities and cutting them off from the hiring process,” one parent commented after the announcement.

Little does that parent know, leading companies in tech like TSMC or Samsung are not based in the United States and hire industry-leading engineers in their home countries of Taiwan and South Korea. The “dumbing” down of American students will only ensure a complete Asian monopoly 20 years from now.

If you think the global microchip shortage is bad because Taiwan’s TSMC is unable to keep up with demand, imagine when Asian companies hold all the cards 20 years from now because they hire employees based on merit while American companies fell further behind than they are now because they hired based on racial quotas?

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