Tokyo Olympics Bans All ‘Black Lives Matter’ Apparel and Threatens to Punish Anyone who Protest

May 7, 2021

TOKYO, Japan—Anything that resembles support for “Black Lives Matter” will be banned in the Tokyo Olympics, scheduled to begin in less than 80 days. “Rule 50,” bans all political and social justice protests of any kind at the international athletic event.

“The International Olympic Committee got very granular with what is not allowed. It said specifically that the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ will be banned from athlete apparel at the Summer Olympics,” reports the Associated Press.

“It’s part of the IOC’s long-standing ban on ‘demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda’ on the playing field, the medal stand or during the Games’ official ceremonies.”

According to the Associated Press, the International Olympic Committee surveyed more than 3,500 athletes over the past year and found that 70% said it was “not appropriate to demonstrate or express their views” on the field or during both opening or closing ceremonies.

The survey also showed 67% of respondents disapproved of podium demonstrations as well.

It’s not clear what type of consequences the athletes face if they choose to break the rules. The IOC stated their punishments will be “proportionate” to the offense and will be drafted before the games.

The IOC’s decision isn’t sitting too well with many African-Americans who blame Japan for the ban. The Shade Room on Instagram, which has over 23 million followers chimed in on their views toward the Japanese.

From comments like “Why do they hate us? Looks like I won’t be supporting the Asian community” to “There cars suck, they got small d**ks, and they wish they were BLACK. You can’t have Olympics without Black people. That’s why I drive a Benz.” Little does that last commenter know the people who make Mercedes-Benz would have put his people into ovens if they won the war.

Other commenters are stating it’s the perfect opportunity to attack more Asians because of the Tokyo Olympic’s Black Lives Matter ban.

It’s unclear if Olympians from the United States will protest at the Tokyo Olympic Games, but the American Olympic committee stated they will not take action against athletes who raise their fists or take a knee during the U.S. Olympic trials.

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