New York City Mayoral Candidate Accused of Sexual Harassment

April 29, 2021

NEW YORK CITY—Ex-intern Jean Kim accused New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Scott Stringer of sexual harassment on Wednesday. Her claims range from unwanted kissing, groping, and asking for sexual favors.

Stringer is accused of groping Kim multiple times when she interned for him. She claimed he “inappropriately and relentlessly pursued a sexual relationship” with her and asked her on multiple occasions, “Why won’t you f**k me?”

Jean Kim spoke alongside her lawyer outside Stringer’s comptroller’s office near City Hall and claimed that he preyed on her in 2001 while she was an unpaid intern on his campaign for public advocate, reports the New York Post.

“One evening, shortly before the primary, I was talking to Stringer about the primary when without warning, and without my consent, he kissed me using his tongue, put his hand down my pants and groped me inside my underpants,” Kim claimed.

“I pulled away and tried to avoid him. He warned me not to tell anyone about it,” she said. Kim stated she avoided Stringer for several days after the incident.

Kim was initially introduced to Stringer by disgraced ex-New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D). He was forced to resign back in 2018 for getting drunk and choking four women during sex. Kim joined the Community Free Democratic Club headed by Stringer.

“When I saw him next, he said to me, ‘I can make you the first Asian District Leader on the Upper West Side,’” Kim alleged. “When I asked what steps I would need to take, he responded, ‘You would have to prove yourself to me.’”

49-year-old Kim continued to state, “When we were traveling together in taxis to and from campaign events, he repeatedly put his hands on my thighs and between my legs. He asked me on more than one occasion, ‘Why won’t you f—k me?’”

Lindsey Boylan (L). image via Lindsey For New York

These bombshell allegations come as another prominent Democratic politician, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is dealing with multiple sexual harassment allegations himself. Lindsey Boylan, whose husband is Korean-American, worked at the New York state economic development agency from 2015 to 2018 and wrote she experienced multiple sexual harassment encounters from Cuomo over the course of several years.

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