Virginia Wants to Stop Advanced Diplomas Because of ‘White Adjacent’ Asians

April 22, 2021

VIRGINIA—The Virginia Department of Education is currently taking drastic steps to end advanced diplomas in the name of equity.

During a live-streamed meeting on Tuesday, Leslie Sale, director of the Virginia Education Department’s office of policy announced an exploratory effort to review Virginia’s diploma and graduation requirements.

At the 1:26:26 mark during the live-streamed meeting, Sale said, “This is about how and where graduation requirements can operate as a lever for equity. So, first, we’re going to start with the possibility of consolidating the standard and advanced studies diploma.”

Sale continued to state, “Hopefully, this discussion will allow us to think through how we maintain a rigorous academic foundation in a way that’s really equitably serving the needs and aspirations of all of Virginia leaners.”

Leslie Sale pointed out her viewpoints are exactly aligned with the recommendations from the African-American Superintendents Advisory Council, which is a Virginia-based advisory committee representing African-American school leaders, teachers, parents, and advocates.

The committee stated, “These recommendations include developing measurable plans to close the persistence of achievement gaps, close opportunity gaps that disproportionately impact Black students and other students of color, diversify Virginia’s educator force, and support professional development for administrators and educators focused on culturally inclusive and responsive competencies and equity-centered practices that disrupt intentional and unintentional racism in education,”

“Attending and finishing a four-year college puts you on the same level as an engineer or a doctor. Advanced degrees for engineers and doctors are a filtration system created by white supremacy. It allows them and their honorary white Asian cohorts to dominate the STEM field. This disparity must be remedied,” a concerned parent wrote.

According to Sale’s presentation, a majority of advanced-diploma earners in 2019 were Asian (79%) and Caucasian (63%). Asian-Americans held the most advanced degrees from medicine to engineering.

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