Seattle BLM Supporter Arrested & Charged Over Two Anti-Asian Attacks

March 28, 2021

SEATTLE, Washington—A well-known Black Lives Matter activist, Democrat, and ANTIFA member Christopher Allen Hamner, 51, is accused of committing anti-Asian hate crimes in the Seattle area, according to Komo News.

Hamner was arrested on Thursday, March 25, for allegedly attacking and threatening multiple victims because of their perceived race, court documents showed.

King County prosecutors charged the 51-year-old of SeaTac, Washington, with a felony hate crime for targeting multiple Asian victims on two separate occasions in March. Hammer, who is biracial, allegedly threatened women and children, one as young as 5-years-old with racial slurs, according to PM.

On March 16, Hamner harassed a woman while she was in her car with two children, ages five and 10. Pamela Cole, the victim, stated in a Facebook post that Hamner screamed, “F—you, Asian b**ch!” Hamner then allegedly jumped out of his vehicle and started “punching his fist together” and started throwing projectiles at her car like a wild monkey. She called the police.

“As a parent, I thought I couldn’t protect my kids and that was the worst thing,” Cole said. She was worried because she didn’t know if Hamner had weapons on him, reported Komo News.

Three days later on March 19, Hamner allegedly cut off two Asian women with his sedan near a supermarket, blocked traffic in the middle of the road, and screamed similar profanities at them.

Hamner then got out of his vehicle, charged at the victims who were driving together, and launched an object at them. Jenny Wong, one of the victims, posted photos and videos of her encounter with Hamner on Instagram, according to PM.

Hamner’s bail is set at $75,000. He is being held at the King County Correctional Facility for the felony hate crime charge plus three additional counts of malicious harassment.

In June 2020, Hamner participated in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), where BLM and Antifa extremists seized six blocks of city property. He recorded a video of himself in the zone where he was holding an anti-Donald Trump and anti-police sign, reported PM.

Hamner is also a loyal supporter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as well as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and “progressive” causes.

He uploaded multiple posts condemning anti-Asian hate crimes and white supremacy. However, it seems the cat is out of the bag and Hamner like many of his compatriots have a deep-seated hatred toward Asians. Asians work hard, destroy the false-narratives, believe in merit, and have a culture of self-improvement as a whole.

Asians in the Western world as well as many Asian powerhouses in Asia are the only non-Caucasian race to achieve such advancements in a short period of time. They either match or surpass their European and Anglo-American counterparts. This angers people like Hamner and Black Lives Matter members who believe these achievements are because Asians are “white adjacent,” and such achievements are toxic and obscene.

Feature Images via Facebook (Chris Hamner)

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