Washington, D.C. Mayor Blames Carjacking on Dead Victim

March 28, 2021

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser has been accused of victim-blaming and playing politics by sharing a video on how to avoid auto theft after a carjacking that led to the death of Mohammad Anwar, according to RT.

“Auto theft is a crime of opportunity,” Bowser tweeted on Sunday, providing a video that shared advice on how to avoid being the victim of a carjacking.

Tip #1: “Park in a safe spot.” There’s just one problem with that first tip, Washington, D.C. is one of the most dangerous cities in America. According to the Patch, D.C. is the 16th Most Dangerous City in America.

Tip #2: “Lock Your Car.” Another problem, Muhammad Anwar was approached by two teens while he was next to his car.

Tip #3: “Keep Track of Your Keys.” Anwar was overpowered by the teenage girls. What’s the point of keeping track of your keys when you’re being overpowered by two teenage girls?

Bowser’s tweet has unleashed a fury of blowback from the online community. “Oh, so it’s the fault of Mohammad Anwar’s fault that he was murdered by two teens in a car violent carjacking (sorry, CNN calls it an accident), in which they assaulted and tazed him?” reporter Ian Miles Cheong tweeted in reaction.

Screenshot via Twitter

Mainstream media has downplayed Anwar’s death. CNN tweeted the killing of Anwar was an “accident.”

Reporter Asra Q. Nomani pointed out the obvious:

“White man kills Asian women –> ‘White supremacy’ ‘haunting’ ‘Asian Americans.’

“Two Black girls kill an Asian Muslim man –> ‘The girls’ ‘assaulted’ an ‘Uber Eats driver’ with a Taser, ‘which led’ to ‘an accident’ ‘in which’ ‘he was fatally injured.’

Screenshot via Twitter

Feature Image via People

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