Asian Woman Pistol-Whipped and Carjacked in Oakland

February 13, 2021

OAKLAND, CaliforniaAri Daoheuang was coming home from work Friday afternoon, February 12, when she was viciously attacked by four African-American assailants along Union Street in West Oakland, according to Dion Lim, ABC 7.

Initial reports of five perpetrators being involved were wrong. Dion Lim reports there were four perpetrators, not five. Despite two of them flashing guns at her, Ari tried diffusing the situation by telling them there were cameras and people everywhere.

“The street was full, there were cars everywhere and two businesses open,” Ari stated. However, the four thugs showed little concern and violently attacked Ari, pistol-whipping her, taking her car keys, and then her car.

CCTV of Ari’s attack

One man finally stopped after the ordeal and ended up helping Ari, according to ABC 7.

Ari says she worked three jobs to pay for her car right out of high school and would like it back. It’s a white 2015 Toyota Corolla S with plates 7LYN600.

Within 24 hours, the same group that pistol-whipped and carjacked Ari in West Oakland, allegedly attacked an Asian woman in her 50s in her driveway, also in Oakland, California.

They pushed the woman onto the ground, ghetto stomped her, pointed a gun at her while they stole her purse, which had her car keys. The group then came back and stole her car. A 2016 white Toyota Highlander with plates 7RVT152.

Feature Images via Dion Lim

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