Chinese Are Having a Field Day with the Capitol Riots

January 12, 2021

The Chinese Communist Party is having a field day with the recent riots in Washington DC. “Double-standard Washington politicians ‘deserve chaos, violence,’” quoted The Global Times.

“These American politicians who openly called our handling of Hong Kong rioters, or I like to call them, ‘British whores,’ an act to ‘preserve’ democracy, yet called the Capitol riots an act of terror? I find that hypocritical. ‘Democracy’ is what the state says it is. Spain showed those Catalan rebels what ‘democracy’ was when they sentenced the leaders to lengthy prison sentences for sedition,” said a Chinese official. “Or do I have to be Western to not practice democracy, yet still be called democratic?” The official continued.

Chinese-run media, The Global Times stated, “The world is watching as US allies feel disappointed when they saw the country that they used to admire descend into a huge mess. Chinese observers said this is a ‘Waterloo to US international image,’ and the US has totally lost legitimacy and qualification to interfere in other countries’ domestic affairs with the excuse of ‘democracy’ in the future.”

The Global Times continued to state, “While Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a routine press conference on Thursday that China hopes Americans can regain peace, stability and security soon, she urged people to reflect on why some people and media in the US gave a completely different rhetoric on the social turmoil in Hong Kong in 2019.”

“What words did they use about Hong Kong? What words are they using now?” the spokesperson asked. “The mainstream media in the US are condemning the incident, calling it ‘violence,’ ‘thugs,’ ‘extremists,’ and ‘disgrace.’ What words did they use to describe Hong Kong? ‘Beautiful sight,’ or ‘fighters of democracy’,” stated Hua Chunying.

Amused Chinese netizens wasted no time insulting Americans as the words “karma,” “retribution,” and “deserving” were frequently mentioned.

“The violent and chaotic scenes on Wednesday night from Capitol Hill, during which four people died including one shot by US Capitol Police, reminded many Chinese of riots at the LegCo building in Hong Kong in 2019, but the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) reacted totally differently with the maximum restraint,” some netizens said.

Many Chinese netizens said they could not even understand such double standards. “How could the violence be acceptable when it occurs at the doorstep of the others, but when the fire broke out in their own house yard, they would immediately extinguish it?” they asked.

“Hong Kong is ours. The British took it from us and we took it back, peacefully. Did we break promises? They broke promises throughout the 150 years they colonized [us]. You said to be more Western. We are being more Western, we’re breaking promises whenever it suites us.” a Chinese official angrily stated.

Feature Image via FP

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