Koreatown Restaurant Robbed Again

December 2, 2020

Earlier this year, Chef Kang Sul Box and Shuto in Koreatown were robbed by three suspects. The robbers got away with $2,800 in cash from Shuto and $3,500 from Chef Kang Sul Box, along with credit cards, checks, car keys, and both restaurant keys.

April 2020 Robbery Suspects. Image via Chef Kang Sul Box

Now the restaurant has been robbed once again—Sunday, November 29.

“My restaurant got robbed early this year when Covid first began and as soon as Covid shut down starts another group of thugs break through the back door 7 am and robbed the restaurant again.. we are struggling as it is and this does not help.. so sad. Please share this posting so this does not happen again to other businesses.”

Feature Screenshot via Chef Kang Sul Box

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