Two Sisters Still Waiting for Justice From 2017 Pistol-Whip Robbery

November 18, 2020

CHINATOWN, Chicago—After nearly three years, two sisters from Chicago’s Chinatown are still waiting for justice. The women, ages 26 and 31 at the time, were pistol-whipped during a robbery in November 2017.

Defund the police? It’s just as dangerous for Asian-Americans today as it was three years ago.

“It happened so fast that I felt like I didn’t feel it until I tasted blood in my mouth,” said one of the sisters to ABC 7 Chicago.

The sisters just arrived back home around 1:45 am after a long day of travel. They were attacked off the 2400-block of South Wentworth Avenue, as one sister unloaded a suitcase.

“They both pulled out handguns, pointed it at each of us, told us to…’Give us everything,’ ‘Don’t move. Don’t move,’” she said.

The women handed over a wallet and purse immediately. “I said, ‘This is all I have,’” the sister said.

Even after complying, one of the sisters was still pistol-whipped across the jaw and the other was bashed over the head and pulled to the ground.

Local surveillance cameras recorded the suspects running down the alley. The sisters’ family dog can be seen chasing one of the men. The suspects then ran south on Wentworth and hopped into a silver Toyota SUV.

“It’s honestly infuriating,” she said.

Thankfully, none of the sisters were seriously hurt.

The suspects got away with several hundred dollars in cash. But the family said it’s not even about the money anymore. “Just so that we can hope that these people never do it again. That’s all we can hope for,” one of the sisters stated.

In late 2017, over five violent robberies were reported in Chicago’s Chinatown. All suspects identified as African-American in their teens or early 20s. Residents are still complaining about the lack of police coverage as of 2020. “Defunding the police,” makes absolutely no sense for Asian-Americans.

“More police officers, more patrol vehicles, presence, that, as a deterrent, is the key,” said Dr. Kim Tee, community activist.

Feature Screenshots via ABC 7 Chicago

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