35-Year-Old Asian-Owned Business Burned Down by Arsonist

September 16, 2020

Dragon Printing has been in business for over 35 years in San Francisco, California. On Wednesday morning, September 9, the business was robbed and set on fire, according to their GoFundMe page.

“Hello everyone. I am a close friend of the family and created this GoFundMe page on their behalf. Dragon Printing is a San Francisco Print and Copy shop that has been open for over 35 years.  On Wednesday morning 9/9/20, this shop was heinously robbed and set on fire. The perpetrator broke in, burglarized, and then deliberately set fire to the store – burning the majority of the inventory, machines, and everything else in sight.

This store was the lifeblood of a hard-working Asian immigrant family that did their best to provide printing, copying, and mailing services all these years and especially during this pandemic. The store has remained open for over three decades and is now in jeopardy of having to close.

Image via GoFundMe

This criminal was caught in the act by the store security camera and is now wanted for his crimes.

We are asking for the public’s generosity to assist with the cost of this crime, damage to the store, and destruction of inventory and machines.

The link to the Dragon Printing GoFundMe page can be accessed by clicking HERE

Feature Images via GoFundMe

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