Personal Assistant Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ to Tech Entrepreneur’s Death

July 20, 2020

21-year-old Tyrese Haspil, former-personal assistant to tech entrepreneur Fahim Saleh pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder during a midnight arraignment on Saturday. Haspil is accused of murdering Saleh after Saleh discovered Haspil was stealing tens of thousands of dollars from him.

When Saleh found out about the series of thefts, he decided to make Haspil pay the money back through a payment plan, rather than alert authorities. It is believed the amount was $100,000. However, rather than pay Saleh back, Haspil allegedly decided to murder his boss instead and dismember his body inside his $2.2 million Manhattan apartment.

Haspil then allegedly returned to the scene of the crime nearly 24 hours later in full “ninja” gear and proceeded to cut off Saleh’s head, arms, legs, torso with an electric saw. Haspil was interrupted when Saleh’s sister unexpectedly showed up to the apartment and caught a masked Haspil in the act. He fled the scene with the electric saw still plugged into the outlet.

While investigators dealt with the crime scene, Haspil went on a shopping spree across various upscale stores near Saleh’s apartment, using his stolen credit card.

Police narrowed in on Haspil when they discovered text messages of Saleh accusing Haspil of stealing money. During their investigation, the NYPD obtained video footage of Haspil purchasing an electric saw and cleaning supplies just hours before allegedly murdering Saleh on Monday, July 13.

“This guy is the new American Psycho, only dumber,” a police source told the New York Post.

According to Haspil’s lawyer from Legal Aid Society, a nonprofit organization; Haspil had a very troubled childhood but never showed a violent streak. Marjorie Sine, Haspil’s aunt, stated to the New York Daily News “I thought [police] made a mistake because he never showed his emotions. His behavior, the way he was, he acted nonchalantly. He would do whatever he wanted.”

Haspil has been seen strolling nonchalantly down the NoHo neighborhood about a mile from the crime scene in Manhattan, days after the murder, according to police surveillance. He was even seen purchasing a bouquet of birthday balloons with a credit card he stole from Saleh, reported Daily News.

Haspil was a child when his mother was sent to a mental institution. His maternal grandmother stepped in and raised him until she passed away when Haspil was 12.

He then moved in with his aunt for five years but she ended up turning him over to a foster care family when he was 17-years-old after he became increasingly difficult to handle.

Feature Image via New York Times

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