Karlos Dillard AKA “Jussie Smollet Jr”

June 24, 2020

Karlos Dillard is an African-American comedian based in Seattle, Washington, and recently posted a clip on his Instagram page on June 22, where he alleged a woman called him the “n-word” and flipped him off after a road rage incident.

Many netizens are questioning the validity of this incident due to previous instances of Dillard supposedly capturing racist incidents on his smartphone. Most recently, footage surfaced of Dillard entering a Chinese restaurant and harassing the employees because they asked him to show his phone/ID to prove he’s picking up for Postmates.

The thing is, most delivery apps like Postmates requires the drivers to show some form of identification to prove to the restaurant they’re picking up the food for that specific order. This prevents random people from walking into the restaurant and taking food that doesn’t belong to them.

Dillard again claimed through his Twitter account, when he uploaded the Chinese restaurant footage, one of the employees also called him the “n-word.”

Image via TrueAnon Pod
Image via TrueAnon Pod

Apparently, Dillard has a restraining order against him for harassment. Dillard’s M.O. is harassing random individuals by creating his own scenario, filming people while narrating his own exposition to fit his narrative, and falsely accusing individuals through social media to gain fame. If that doesn’t sound like Jussie Smollett, I don’t know what does.

Feature Images via YouTube & NPR

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