Korean Employee Attacked For Asking Customer to Wear a Mask

June 16, 2020

This incident happened last Friday at Hair and Wig Beauty Supply on Central Avenue in Albany, New York. According to the business owner’s wife, Jessie Park, her manager approached an incoming customer inside the store and asked him to wear a mask—enforcing coronavirus guidelines.

In response, the customer verbally insulted the manager, 27-year-old Younglae Kim. Kim repeatedly told the customer to put a mask on or leave the store. That’s when the situation escalated.

“I asked him to please go out but he spit on my face.” The customer then replied, “I don’t wear a mask because of you guys.” Kim then replied with a spit-to-the-face of his own, according to NBC 13.

That’s when the customer repeatedly punched and kicked Kim to the ground while screaming “Go back to your country!”

The customer simply walked out of the store like nothing happened afterward. An employee and a customer tried catching the assailant but failed.

Kim’s boss, Jessie Park, stated to CBS6 News, the doctor who examined Kim said he most likely has a broken nose. Police are actively investigating this incident.

“We are part of the community. We are responsible for protecting my employees and my customers too. I’m really so sad at the situation, but most of my customers are good,” Park stated.

Feature Screenshots via CBS6 News

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