15-Year-Old Asian Boy Attacked in Park

May 24, 2020

The alleged attack happened Friday afternoon around 2:30 pm in Bishop James Mahoney Park in Saskatoon, Canada, according to CBC News.

Nelson Chen stated his 15-year-old son was verbally harassed with racial slurs in-regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and then physically attacked while riding his bike.

According to Chen, his son was riding his bike, minding his own business in a field behind Bishop James Mahoney Park when some random guy started cursing at him.

“My son just was minding his business, just keeping on riding. But this person started to curse and then yelled racial slurs to him and accused him of spreading the virus,” Chen stated.

That’s when Chen’s son took out his smartphone to snap a pictures of the attacker.

“That person became even more aggressive. And he just ran to my son and push him off the bike and pitch him on the ground and start punching him in the head,” Chen continued.

Footage of the Attack

Chen’s son was able to capture a portion of the attack on his smartphone and was able to get a few good snapshots of the perpetrator’s face.

Thankfully, according to Chen, most of the headshots didn’t do much damage because his son was wearing a helmet. His son was physically uninjured. The son was able to get home.

“He was shaking and he was…just telling us that, ‘I’m attacked, I’m attacked.’”

Chen called the police. One police officer took down Chen’s report while the other patrolled the area and tried to find and arrest the suspect.

Saskatoon Police stated they are aware of the incident and not currently releasing any details.

Feature Image via CKOM

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