African Migrants and Asian Immigrants Don’t Get Along in France

May 5, 2020

Many have been arguing for numerous reasons why African-Americans target Asian-Americans in the United States. Many argue such crimes do not exist and the crimes we do hear about is the work of ‘White Supremacy’ in an attempt to pit people of color against each other.

Asians who live in San Francisco or New York where there is the largest concentration of Asian-American and African-American communities within arm’s length of each other can tell you a different story. The most recent credible survey taken by the San Francisco Police Department in 2008, found “In 85% of the physical assault crimes, the victims were Asian and the perpetrators were African American,” according to SFGate. The fact they haven’t released any new studies speaks volumes. The proof is in the pudding. In today’s society, everyone, and anyone is able to capture events on their phones.

The fact of the matter is, you do not see Asian-Americans robbing, raping, assaulting, and murdering African-Americans in comparison to what Asian-Americans are experiencing. The smartphone and CCTV footage (proof) Asian-Americans have is disproportionate and irrefutable, to say the least. A ratio of 280:1. Meaning for every documented case of an Asian-American wronging an African-American, there are 280 documented cases of African-Americans wronging an Asian-American.

Image via Department of Justice Report. Page 12

A hauntingly similar situation can be found in France. The African migrant population has been specifically targeting Chinatown in the Paris suburbs of Aubervilliers. French authorities refused to help for years fearing disproportionately arresting African migrants would harm the image of the liberal French government pandering to French-African citizens. This decision turned nearly all the Chinese immigrants to the Right in France—causing local authorities to be even more unhelpful.

French sociologists conducted a comprehensive study and found that the “Chinese communities were self-sufficient, hard-working, and discreet. However, the African migrant community is far less successful and reliant on government aid. This has caused a competitive ideology where Africans feel threatened by Asian success in France,” according to sociologist Guylain Chevrier.

The situation in Aubervilliers took a turn for the worse when African migrants beat a father of two, 49-year-old tailor, Zhang Chaolin to death in 2016. Over 15,000 ethnic Chinese marched to Place de la Republique to demand more protection from police and justice for Zhang Chaolin.

What are Asians to do? They complain about the disproportionate amount of violence towards them by African-Americans and they’re labeled as liars, racist, and further fueling “White Supremacy.” They stay silent and their communities are hit even harder with violence. It’s exactly the same in France. Now add COVID-19 into the mix. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? We’re not seeing it.

Feature Image via China Daily

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