Racist Cartoon Dehumanizing Chinese Women

April 24, 2020

Dutch animator Sven Stoffels recently released a cartoon titled Corona ChingChain 2020. In this short cartoon, a Chinese woman is depicted with buck teeth, extremely slanted eyes while dancing in a bikini, with coronavirus molecules as breasts while holding two dead wild animals.

The cartoon also shows the Chinese woman French kissing a bat and her mouth stuffed with dead insects in another shot. This type of cartoon is eerily similar to World War II propaganda Looney Tunes cartoons depicting Japanese people as subhuman.

Numerous Twitter users criticized Sven’s cartoon and were met with unsympathetic replies by the animator. He posted a quote from Liu Xiaobo. “Freedom of expression is the foundation of human rights, the source of humanity, and the mother of truth.” Freedom of speech goes without question, but the cartoon is still racist.

According to Stoffel’s IMDB page, he was an animation director for CollegeHumor as well as TripTank, and Like, Share, Die.

Feature Screenshots via @svenstoffels

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