71-Year-Old Asian Man Brutally Attacked, Dragged and Bitten

May 25, 2021

OAKLAND, California—A 71-year-old man was viciously attacked, bitten, and dragged down an Oakland street in broad daylight, reports ABC7.

“I love Oakland—but not anymore,” said the man before opening his mouth and showing the seven teeth he lost because of the attack. The victim is Chinese but told ABC7 he culturally identifies himself as Asian and Latino.

He doesn’t wish to disclose his name, explaining to reporter Dion Lim he’s terrified ever since he was attacked by the woman while retrieving a trash can from the curb in the Grand Lake neighborhood on May 19.

The victim explained that he noticed a car stopped near his home’s driveway. When he asked the car to move “the lady pulled me from my back, pushed me toward the car.” The woman attempted to steal the victim’s wallet and cellphone but was unsuccessful, which made matters worse.

“To distract me she bit me on my hand…she grabbed my neck and she pulled my [jade] necklace and took it,” explained the victim.

The 71-year-old is already weak in the legs and uses a cane. During the attack, the victim fell onto the suspect’s vehicle and was grabbed and dragged by the getaway car, facedown for about 10 to 20 feet, reports ABC7.

“We need victims to speak out because we know they are so afraid. I’m saying let’s not be afraid, let’s come out and talk about it because together we can make these changes,” stated Carl Chan, Oakland Chinatown Chamber President. He was also attacked by another African-American last month.

Several people saw the incident happen, but a woman named Linda was the only person to help the 71-year-old victim on Wednesday, May 19.

“The cars that were behind us saw, had to have seen him lying in the middle of the street, they just went around him and kept going. That was the thing that was the most shocking. No one stopped,” Linda explained.

“I hope people will become more aware this is something happening right now. It’s been happening for many years,” said the victim.

He also wanted Linda to know how grateful he is to her. “For being a Good Samaritan to me and I will forever be grateful to her.”

If you wish to contribute to the 71-year-old’s dental implants and medical bills, please contribute to the nonprofit Oakland Chinatown Chamber Foundation which will handle the man’s case and other victims’ cases, donations can be sent to 388-9th Street #290, Oakland CA 94607 or through their PayPal site.

Feature Images via ABC7

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