Hana Abe’s Memorial in San Francisco Continuously Vandalized

January 15, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO, California—Two weeks after a double fatal-hit-and-run in San Francisco (New Year’s Eve), ABC’s Dion Lim reports Hana Abe’s memorial is being continuously vandalized.

45-year-old Troy McAlister is a three-strike offender, which means he should have faced life in prison, however, District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office felt African-American offenders should be given a substantial amount of chances to rehabilitate, rather than be sent to prison. They are the future of America, after all.

The series of events that eventually led to the deaths of 27-year-old Hanako Abe and 60-year-old Elizabeth Platt as they were crossing the street and were struck by a stolen car driven by McAlister, high on meth, as he fled from police after committing a burglary started two days earlier. McAlister met a woman he befriended on a dating app. He eventually ended up stealing her car as she ordered a hamburger.

Troy “Three Strikes” McAlister. Image via Twitter

Friends of Abe are grieving once again after a memorial in her honor was destroyed. They now have plans to preserve her memory and make a statement on changes that need to be made in the city.

Friends of 27-year old Hana Abe, share the same sentiment witnessing what’s left of the street-side memorial in her honor. Flowers ripped from two wreaths, crumpled letters to Hana, and overall destruction litter the sidewalk in the area of 2nd and Mission streets, according to ABC 7.

Friends want to rename a nearby street as a more permanent way to honor her. That’ll require approval from every resident and business.

Many told reporter Dion Lim, the desecrated memorial is symbolism of the problems in San Francisco. That the city is in decline. Last night the DA shared on Clubhouse that he did not think the challenges of SF were “unique” to the city and ones experienced across the country.

Feature Images via ABC 7

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