Multiple Asian-Owned Businesses Looted by Black Lives Matter

October 28, 2020

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania—On Monday, October 26, around 4 pm, police officers shot and killed Walter Wallace Jr., who was armed with a knife and did not comply with officers’ demands to drop the weapon.

Within hours, rioting, vandalism, and looting erupted near the Philadelphia Police 18th District building. At least 30 officers were injured with 12 hospitalized including one 56-year-old female police sergeant who suffered a broken leg after being hit by a speeding pick-up truck.

Asian-owned businesses were specifically targeted by members of Black Lives Matter as well. Salons, beauty supply stores, and liquor stores were looted and ransacked during the chaos.

Several beauty supply stores were damaged, including Hair Town and E-Z Beauty. Photographers were on scene, taking pictures early Tuesday morning as the owners of Hair Town stood over their destroyed store and wept in despair. It was a depressing sight, the owners are too old to start again.

The same story for E-Z Beauty. The business owners were seen outside as morning broke trying to reclose their shutters, thinking it would prevent more looters from taking what little is left of their store.

“BLM” was spray-painted on their shutters. Footage of the looting has since been posting on social media with some witnesses coming forward and stating many of the looters were heard saying such things as “Time for these muthafu*kin ch*nks to go back home! Black Lives Matter!”

Feature Image & Slideshow via Reuters

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