Man Caught Stealing in China Starts Shouting Racial Insults at Employees

September 16, 2020

A video surfaced on Weibo (Chinese social media platform) of an African-American male who was caught stealing a box of bandaids from a convenience store in Shanghai, China, on September 13. The female cashier apparently began following the shoplifter once she witnessed the theft.

The female cashier then confronted the alleged shoplifter who then began to spew a volley of lectures and racial insults. “Next time, mind your business. You need to mind your business” the shoplifter arrogantly lectured to the cashier.

The female cashier replied, “You are swearing a lot.”

The shoplifter then interrupted the female cashier, “That’s right, I’m swearing a lot because I’m f**king American and you’re Chinese!” Insinuating even in China, an African-American is superior to a Chinese citizen.

A male employee quickly interjected and said, “This is a civilized country.”

To which the shoplifter replied, “No, it’s not. No, it’s not. Because kids get chopped up here, people eat animals here, people do all kinds of things here.”

The male employee then asked, “Why are you still here then?”

The now visibly angered shoplifter quickly replied, “Why are you still here!? Why are Chinese people still in America, bro. You wanna be real? Why are Chinese people still in America?”

The Weibo clip cuts off at that point. Chinese officials are conducting an investigation. The African-American male was not arrested as of yet. It should be noted a Chinese citizen would have been arrested in that same situation.

According to the Shanghai High People’s Court:

Article 264: Whoever steals a relatively large amount of public or private property, commits thefts many times, commits a burglary or carries a lethal weapon to steal or pick pockets shall be sentenced to imprisonment of not more than 3 years, criminal detention or control and/or a fine; if the amount involved is huge or there is any other serious circumstance, shall be sentenced to imprisonment of not less than 3 years but not more than 10 years and a fine; or if the amount involved is especially huge or there is any other especially serious circumstance, shall be sentenced to imprisonment of not less than 10 years or life imprisonment and a fine or forfeiture of property.

Since the American shoplifter stole a relatively small piece of merchandise worth less than $10 (USD), if found guilty, he could serve up to 3 years in prison.

Feature Image via Weibo

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