High Ranking US Spy Shot Himself in Front of His New Wife

August 28, 2020

A high-ranking U.S. intelligence official shot himself in his own front yard in front of his terrified new wife who tried to get away from him.

Half-Chinese Anthony Ming Schinella, 52, died on June 14 in Arlington, Virginia, but his death wasn’t widely reported until this week, according to The Intercept.

Schinella was just weeks away from retirement as the National Intelligence Officer for Military Issues following a long CIA career. He recently married journalist Sara Corcoran a few weeks before his suicide, according to the Daily Mail.

Corcoran did not go into further detail about why she tried to flee from Schinella or what happened leading up to his death. However, after Schinella’s death, Corcoran discovered a very large collection of bondage and S&M gear hidden in the house.

She also discovered 24 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition inside the house as well. Corcoran explained the CIA completed their investigation into her husband’s death, but the agency did not provide her with any details.

Schinella was the highest-ranking military affairs analyst in the U.S. intelligence community and was also a member of the National Intelligence Council as well as an expert on Taliban military capabilities.

In a tribute to her late-husband, Corcoran wrote an article, which was published in CityWatch. She wrote that her husband possessed an “astonishing intelligence and an heroic work ethic.”

“He traveled to more than 100 countries on six continents, spoke several languages, and was able to pick up the basics of practically any language before he even left for the airport,” she wrote.

Schinella is survived by two daughters from a previous marriage.

Corcoran also suggested her husband viewed Russia as a mere distraction and considered China a real foreign threat to America. “My husband Tony and I often discussed China’s increasing influence in America’s public domain as well as in other countries around the world,” she wrote.

“China was one of our shared interests, as we half-Chinese and I received my MBA from a business school in Shanghai,” Corcoran wrote.

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