David Altomare May Be Charged with a Felony Hate Crime

May 29, 2020

28-year-old David Altomare was arrested this week for verbally threatening Asian businesses throughout Seattle and also responsible for assaulting an Asian couple a few weeks ago. It turns out, Altomare has a criminal history, showing violent behavior toward Asians in particular, according to KIRO7.

“The defendant threatened to kill the leader of China,” stated Nathan Frei, King County Deputy Prosecutor. “He then yelled racial slurs at the victims in this case before chasing after them. But for the intervention of a bystander there, who knows what would’ve happened.”

Eyewitnesses also recognized Altomare as the suspect responsible for making verbal threats at Thai Thani restaurant and Golden Gardens in downtown Seattle.

According to court documents, Altomare broke into the Villaggio Apartments in Kirkland, Washington back in 2017 to locate and attack “North Koreans.” Altomare also threw weights at residential windows and at vehicles that very same night.

That very same day back in 2017, Altomare also broke into the Google building located in Kirkland as well. He smashed windows, doors, drywall, and electronics. Witnesses at the time stated he was yelling about killing people and about North Koreans, reported KIRO7.

In a separate incident at the University of Washington back in 2018, Altomare allegedly armed himself with a baseball bat and searched for “North Koreans” on campus. In that case, Altomare pleaded guilty, the case was dismissed, and he was placed on 24-months mental health supervision. The supervision ended in February 2020.

“I am finding probable cause for a felony hate crime,” stated Judge Anne Harper, a King County District Court judge after reviewing Altomare’s pattern of criminal behavior. Altomare is also a purple belt in jiu-jitsu and allegedly threatened and made an Asian-American recite the ‘Pledge of the Allegiance.’

Judge Harper has set Altomare’s bail at $50,000 after following the state’s recommendation. The Seattle Police Department is currently still investigating Altomare and may recommend additional charges to the prosecutor’s office in the near future.

Feature Screenshots via KIRO7

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