From Sen Cotton to Harvard University. Successful Asians Are Bad

April 29, 2020

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) wants to ban Chinese students from learning science in U.S. universities because he wants Americans to be able to ‘compete.’ I’m sure many people are screaming how unfair that way of thinking is and how only a Republican would say something like that. What if I told you Democrats have been saying it and actively reducing Asian applicants in higher education and then denying the whole thing for decades?

If you guessed affirmative action, you’d be right. In the summer of 2018, the Trump Administration sided with Asian-Americans in their collective lawsuit against Harvard University, led by Students for Fair Admissions, Ed Blum. The lawsuit claimed Harvard University intentionally manipulated the number of Asian applicants being accepted into their school and capped the Asian student population at around 20%.

Image via The Harvard Crimson

Harvard, of course, denied these allegations and stated aside from legacy and athletes, students are accepted based on merit and there is no ‘cap.’ Well, Jeff Session’s Justice Department raided Harvard and they discovered a secret study Harvard conducted from 1995 to 2013, which showed Asian-Americans had the highest scores of any race in SATs. Harvard buried these findings, of course.

Asian-Americans also had the highest grades of any other race, yet Asian-Americans were always capped around 20% at Harvard. Harvard University was forced to publish their ‘dirty little secret’ through its on-campus newspaper, The Harvard Crimson. You can find the link to that here

Harvard never apologized for lying. Instead, they completely shifted the argument from merit to diversity. All those years of stating they value merit disappeared overnight and now all of a sudden, it’s about diversity, not merit. What a magical string of events.

The Center for Equal Opportunity (CEO) also did a study and found if Harvard accepted students based on merit, meaning students who earned it instead of race being a factor, Asian-Americans would make up 43% of Harvard’s population, Caucasians would make up 46%, Hispanics/Latino would be 2%, and African-Americans would be 1% of Harvard’s student body. You can find the link to that Center for Equal Opportunity report here here

However, all that proof and all those decades of lying didn’t sway Obama appointed Federal Judge Allison D. Burroughs because she ruled in Harvard’s favor. In so many words, she basically stated she didn’t care Harvard lied about accepting students based on merit and that a lie to justify diversity isn’t really a lie, and racism against Asian-Americans isn’t really racism when it benefits other races. Asian-Americans and Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) Ed Blum will appeal the decision and it will likely go to the Supreme Court where Conservatives enjoy a one-vote advantage, i.e. Brett Kavanaugh. Asian-Americans are expected to win at the Supreme Court.

Feature Images via Fox Business & Senator Tom Cotton

  1. Stupid article, says “Asians” but really means “Chinese.” Affirmative Action helps many marginalized Asian and Pacific Islander subgroups, but it is all East Asians making a stink about Affirmative Action because they might lose their hegemony over the “Asian” label.

    Helping marginalized minorities of all stripes reduces income inequality, which is eroding our institutions, and creates more robust organizations due to the various perspectives that can be had. Studies have shown this, but this site is not interested in studies, just rumors and allegations. Do we really need our institutions to be run entirely by white and Chinese rich people?

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